Windows 8 will be the next Vista

Microsoft’s next version of Windows, Windows 8, is now on beta and is being reviewed by industry commentators.

Windows 8 sports the new Metro interface, the kind we are used to seeing on tablets and phones  – away with the Start button and hello great big icons that scroll horizontally across the screen.

Microsoft is trying to make sure that it doesn’t lose out in the tablet marketplace to Google’s Chrome and lose the phone marketplace to Apple and Android. But by forcing PC users to use the same version it risks alienating business users by asking them to completely change the user interface for no perceivable benefit.

I try not to be instinctively negative about new versions of Windows, but not liking products that offer complexity with no benefits is in the blood here at Really Simple Systems.

Industry comment is almost universally negative.” It’s pedal to the floor, and over the cliff” says the Register. ” Awful” says ZDNet.

With most enterprises still refusing to upgrade to Windows 7 and sticking to XP, Microsoft again seems to be asking companies to go through the pain of upgrading to a new version of Windows that has zero benefits to the user or the corporation. Unsurprisingly, having learnt painful lessons before, most will refuse and stick with XP until Microsoft finally pull the support plug in April 2014.

Having watched the development team here at Really Simple Systems curse as they tried to get their applications and development environment running under Windows 7, while myself smugly sticking to XP Pro (you can still buy copies on eBay), I don’t think anyone here will want to touch Windows 8. And when XP finally expires, I for one will switch to Ubuntu – I’m making sure that all new applications that I use work on both Windows and Linux.

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