The Chole Mjini Trust

Really Simple Systems helping to empower the community of Chole Island

Really Simple Systems and The Chole Mjini Trust 

  • Really Simple Systems has been a long term financial supporter of The Chole Mjini Trust. The trust, set up in the 1990’s, is dedicated to bringing sustainable development to the Island of Chole.  The island is situated in the island marine reserve off the coast of Tanzania and is one of the least developed parts of the country. Really Simple Systems works to support education on the island by providing the island’s Learning Centre with funding for new computers.

  • The Chole Mjini Trust

The Learning Centre 

  • Omari Shehari presented with his new laptop back in 2012

  • The Chole Mjini Trust Learning Centre provides study support for the primary and secondary school children on the island, with a particular focus on the English language and computer skills. All primary schooling is conducted in Swahili but the Secondary education is in English, giving many of the students quite a challenge! Working on providing students with proper English lessons before they make the transition to Secondary education is a a great help.

    The Learning Centre also caters for adults on the island that have had no formal education.

    Now I am a man with a computer – Thank you.

About Chole Island

The population onChole Mjini Trust -Zubeda Bahari the first woman from Chole Island to go to university graduated in 2015 Chole Island is about 1200, 70% of which are under 18 years old. Chole is one of the least developed parts of Tanzania and the only running water is from a standpipe in the village. Drinking water is transported daily from the neighbouring island. Up until 1993 only one child from Chole had ever succeeded through formal secondary education. The community on the island is now dedicated to making sure every child is given an education.

Through the Chole Mjini Trust the island has been able to establish a government funded primary school and a kindergarten. There is currently no secondary school on the island so students have to travel to neighbouring areas to attend school. Secondary school is not free in Tanzania and many families can not afford to pay for tuition fees. The Chole Mjini trust is able to provide are bursaries to these families giving them the opportunity to send their children to school that they would otherwise not have had.

Get involved!

To learn more about The Chole Mjini Trust or to find our how you can get involved with this worthwhile cause, please visit The Chole Mjini Trust website.