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    What our CEO doesn’t know about CRM

    The CRM Expert At Really Simple Systems, journalists often ask us to comment on CRM research data and to give an opinion that will add weight to an article they have written. As Marketing Manager. I’m always keen to help and to boost our content marketing. However, I am no CRM expert and feel my miserly two years’ experience […]

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    What is Content Marketing

    Using Content Marketing Although content marketing has been around for a long time, it’s only really been recognised as an effective marketing strategy since the arrival of digital. For as long as I can remember, in-store magazines have been publishing recipes and home-making tips that enhance their customer experience whilst promoting their products. What is Content […]

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    Developing a CRM Strategy

    How to develop a CRM Strategy for your business CRM or Customer Relationship Management isn’t anything new, in fact we started using the term back in the 1990s and it has since been adopted to describe a broad range of IT business systems. Yet, with the growth in Cloud technology, a CRM system is the latest […]

  • keyboard-ddos

    Foiling the “Russian” Hackers

    Whilst a joyous place to work, excitement at the Really Simple Systems head office is generally reserved for occasions out of the office. Our User Conference, team building trips, team lunches and the annual Christmas party! So yesterday’s events were quite unusual. Yesterday morning our public web site, www.reallysimplesystems.com, was hit by what’s known as […]

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    What is a CRM System?

    Customer Relationship Management CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The term describes the practices, strategies and technologies a company might use to manage their interactions with their customers and potential customers. It’s about creating efficiency in the workplace and maximising the business opportunity throughout the customers’ life-cycle. Therefore, improving customer relationships, aiding customer retention and […]

  • Top 20 Most Affordable CRM Software

    The Best Bang for your Buck!

    Capterra’s Top 20 Most Affordable CRM Software I think we all like the thought of “beating somebody at their own game”, and for us British getting one over on the Americans, or come to that, the Australians, fills us with glee! This is particularly true when it comes to anything sporting; we have not yet […]

  • Customer Feedback

    What you really, really want!

    CRM Customer Survey 2016 Report It’s important to us that our customers feel part of what we are looking to achieve with our CRM and have a voice in the development. Collecting feedback is not just lip-service, we want our customers to be partners in our journey and vice versa. I don’t think we realised […]

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    CRM Development: Version 5

    Later this year Really Simple Systems will be launching its latest CRM development in Version 5. But what happened to version 1 to 4 you may ask? Seems they have been quietly rolled out over the last 10 years with little fuss and no name or number – more of an evolution than “new”. So […]