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  • Objection Handling

    Sales & Marketing School launched

    We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Sales & Marketing School. As our mission is to provide “Everything that a small business needs to run their sales, marketing and customer support” from a software point of view, we are also building a library of content to help small businesses sell and market better. Our […]

  • crm data protection

    CRM data privacy for US customers

    We are getting an increasing number of people asking about CRM data privacy and if our customers’ data is safe from US authorities, either formally requesting access to data or covertly gaining access. With the Snowden revelations and the Patriot Act, together with US courts wanting to overrule EC Data Directives, many people both in […]

  • Upgrading CRM server

    CRM Server Upgrades

    Over the weekend we were busy upgrading some of the servers that we run our CRM software on. As our customer base grows, and the amount of CRM data held for each customer also grows, we need to be continually on our toes and watching the response time of our CRM system. For the technically […]

  • number5

    5 more CRM software features you might not know about

    More CRM Software Features Following on from our post 5 CRM features you might not know about, we’ve got some more useful CRM software features that some customers might not know about. Logos You can add your logo to your home page. Just send in your logo to the support team, and they’ll add it for […]

  • CRM idol

    We’ve made the CRM Idol 2014 Shortlist!

    CRM Idol is an annual competition run by US CRM analyst Paul Greenberg with a cohort of other analysts around the world and is now in its fourth year. This will be the third year that we’ve made the shortlist. Here’s the full list of the 22 contestants for CRM Idol 2014. Watch this space! […]

  • reportingwrapup

    Listing Reports – Wrap Up

    We’ve made two major updates to our Listing Report Writer in the last month. First of all we released a version that had some major new features: Subtotalling, Summarisation and PDF Output. These features are covered in this blog entry. Then we released a subsequent update, with dynamic dates in the selection criteria. These features […]

  • reporting

    New date selections in Listing Reports

    Hot on the heels of the last update to the Listing Report writer in your CRM system, we’ve added some new selection criteria when using dates. You can now use selection criteria like “this quarter” and “last month” in the listing report writer in your CRM system. This will enable you to save reports such […]