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  • eurocloud2014

    Really Simple Systems wins Best Cloud Application Award

    We’re delighted to announce that we won the Best Cloud Application category at the annual EuroCloud awards. Chairman of the judging panel, Dr Richard Sykes, said that Really Simple Systems deserved the award as the company had not only delivered a world class cloud application, but had used cloud technology to deliver an innovative solution that […]

  • emailstatistics

    Email Marketing – Improved Sending

    It is now easier to send emails with our Email Marketing. Instead of sending your marketing emails through your own mail server, we can now send them for you. We will also report your Sender Reputation, hourly quota and how many recipients reported your email as spam. This feature will be a huge boon to […]

  • spam

    The Importance of Sender Reputation

    If you use email marketing, you need to know what your Sender Reputation is and how it will affect the deliverability of your newsletters and other email marketing campaigns. This guide to Sender Reputation will tell you what Sender Reputation is, how it is calculated, why it is important and what you should (and shouldn’t) […]

  • 5 CRM Features

    5 Features of CRM Software you might not know about

    Useful Features of CRM Software Here at Really Simple Systems our philosophy is to keep CRM as simple as possible, which means not drowning users in unnecessary features. We have a lot of features that are turned off by default, the downside of which is that subscribers might not know that they exist. Here’s a […]

  • salescalls

    Improvements to CRM Reporting

    We’ve just released a a major upgrade to the Listing Report Writer which should help a lot of people with their CRM reporting. Subtotalling You can now subtotal both numeric fields and a count of the number of records, as well as simply having a grand total at the bottom. You can have multiple levels […]

  • taxman

    Show Me More Money in 2014

    One of the best tax breaks that the UK government offers is their R & D Tax Credit scheme. Simply put, if you spend money on R&D you deduct twice that cost from your profit when calculating Corporation Tax. That may not sound relevant to you, but HMR&C’s definition of R&D is wider than you […]

  • LinkedOut: LinkedIn and CRM

    LinkedOut – LinkedIn and CRM

    LinkedOut – What is it? LinkedIn has closed their API to CRM vendors, causing a lot of ill will amongst CRM vendors and CRM users. Last month, virtually all users of CRM systems that had built integration onto LinkedIn found that their access has been unilaterally blocked. LinkedIn’s new API policy bans all “applications used […]

  • CRM System from Really Simple Systems

    We have a new web site!

    This is the kind of thing that marketing people get very excited about while meaning very little to customers, but part of the redesign is to provide better help on the CRM system, through better search and through tag clouds that work across both the help documentation and the FAQs. It is also built using responsive […]

  • salesforce-360

    Salesforce vs Really Simple Systems

    Salesforce vs Really Simple Systems is a large US CRM (Customer Relationship Management) vendor that many people believe was the first to offer online CRM. This isn’t quite correct since Oracle had a web based CRM system back in 1991, but Salesforce has certainly made cloud CRM popular. Salesforce is a good solution for […]

  • Stuart-Miles71

    Major Improvements to Listing Reports

    We’ve just improved the reporting functionality of our CRM system to make it more powerful, easier to use and easier to share the reports. These features are available to all Really Simple systems customers across all three Editions. The Listing Report writer now features: Report Management: Making reports easier to locate and manage The new Reports […]