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  • Stuart-Miles71

    Major Improvements to Listing Reports

    We’ve just improved the reporting functionality of our CRM system to make it more powerful, easier to use and easier to share the reports. These features are available to all Really Simple systems customers across all three Editions. The Listing Report writer now features: Report Management: Making reports easier to locate and manage The new Reports […]

  • More Windows XP Holdouts

    Following my post on Windows XP getting a reprieve, it is interesting to see what other organisations are doing to avoid moving to the appalling Windows 8. According to The Register, London’s Metropolitan Police are paying Microsoft for a special support agreement to keep their 38,551 machines running XP updated. Apparently the Department of Health […]

  • Windows XP gets a reprieve

      With Robocop in the cinemas, has the story of a revitalised policeman inspired Microsoft to extend a lifeline to Windows XP and its users? Unsurprisingly Microsoft haven’t made much noise about support for XP being extended to July 2015 instead of expiring this coming April. According to TechMarketView, XP is still running on 29% of desktops as users resist […]

  • How to use a CRM system

    How to use a CRM system If you’ve never used a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system before then to get the most from it you’ll probably need to change the way you work if your previous system was a contact manager like Microsoft Outlook or just a big spreadsheet with all the names of your […]