Important changes to how Marketing emails are sent

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Next week (week commencing 25 April) Really Simple Systems will be changing the way the Marketing module emails are sent from the CRM system. We would like to bring our customers’ attention to actions they may need to take.

Why the change?
Historically we have used a third party bulk email service called Mandrill to deliver and track the marketing emails. However, this February Mandrill announced it was terminating their bulk email delivery service giving their customers just two months’ notice to move off the platform. Since then we have been working hard to change our CRM to another service provider, SendGrid, and we will make the switch to this next week, on 27 April 2016.

How does this affect me?
Because the emails are sent via a third party, a DNS record is created to tell recipients of your emails that we are authorised to send emails on your behalf. This improves deliverability and marks the emails as being sent by you and not by us on your behalf. 

For most of our customers the change will be seamless but if you have previously set up DKIM and SPF DNS records then you should do the same for the new set up with SendGrid now, to allow time for them to propagate. If you haven’t previously done this, then you won’t be affected but this is something that you should consider doing at some point in the future for better email deliverability.

What do I need to do?
The full instructions on setting up these records can be found on this Support Hub page. If you have previously set up these records for Mandrill, or want to set them up for the future, then you should forward this message to your IT department, or whoever maintains your domain, to make the changes.

If you need further help to make these changes please contact our support team on

About the Author

Helen Armour

Helen Armour

Helen is the Marketing Manager at Really Simple Systems, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered Marketer.