CRM Accounting Solutions

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Sage One Accounts Integration Live on Version 5

suited-lady-in-meetingThis effortless integration with Sage One is available to our UK customers, letting you create an easy workflow within your business. You can synchronise customer records between your CRM and accounting software, create invoices directly from your opportunities, manage your stock levels allowing your sales team to view customer balances at a glance.

Our CRM Version 5 integrates with the latest version of the Sage One API, the API v3, giving you improved functionality and security. Setting up the integration is quick and easy, letting you get on and manage your business.

CRM Accounting Solutions

Importing and Updating Records

With the integration in place, you can import customer records between your Really Simple Systems CRM and Sage One with just a couple of clicks.

And if you make any changes to your customer accounts a single click will update Sage One as well.

Invoicing and Stock Management

You can create invoices directly from your CRM as soon as you close an opportunity and email it directly to your customer.

If you are managing product stock levels in Sage One you can import your product information to the CRM. These can be selected when you create an Opportunity and when you create an invoice your stock levels will be adjusted accordingly.

VAT, Payroll, Purchasing and Banking

Sage One also lets you manage your payroll, file VAT returns, link with your bank account and manage your purchases.

Find out how to integrate you CRM with Sage One.

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Helen Armour

Helen Armour

Helen is the Marketing Manager at Really Simple Systems, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered Marketer.