How did we ever manage without MailSync?

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How CRM email integration is essential for business today

Most people today struggle to imagine a world without email yet it wasn’t so long ago that businesses thrived with just a telephone and mailing letters by post. A recent hiccup with our CRM email integration made me realise just how far we have come and that email alone is no longer enough.

Being able to look at a customer’s account and see their email communication with my colleagues around the world in real-time has become intrinsic to our business. Without it for a just couple of hours I was seriously floundering!

Using CRM Email Integration

For both our sales and customer support teams our email integration feature, MailSync™, is now an essential tool. Although based in different locations, we can see each other’s messages alongside those from the customer giving a full picture of the communication. This means we know exactly how to respond to a customer query. MailSync™ automatically captures emails to and from our contacts and creates a history of activities in their CRM account.

Did we really do that?

ineffective-office-not-using-crm-email-integrationBeing without this tool for just a short period of time made me wonder how other businesses must cope without this. It would be impossible for more than one team member to have any positive interaction with a customer without causing confusion. This took me back to a time of lengthy hand-written notes added to a customer file, Post-its stuck everywhere and endless conversations debating who had said what, when and why. When a customer called with a new sales opportunity it was often a case of telling them that their account manager will be in touch in a few days because no one else knew the account.

Creating Efficiency

With hindsight, how could anyone have imagined this to be an effective way of working? CRM technology has turned how we work on its head and there is no longer any excuse for inefficient working practices.

Yet I know that many of our own customers still are not using email integration. At Really Simple Systems we are so convinced that this is a must-have tool that we have included it as standard in all our paid price plans. And using cloud-computing closes the last loophole in digital communication, even if you are accessing your CRM on your phone when out of the office.

We constantly get feedback from our customers saying our support is the best they have ever experienced. Without taking anything away from the team’s efforts, much of this is credit can be attributed to our CRM and to MailSync™. We are, of course, advocates of CRM but in today’s fast-paced, connected world there really is no place for inefficiency or missing a sale.

About the Author

Helen Armour

Helen Armour

Helen is the Marketing Manager at Really Simple Systems, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered Marketer.