CRM Compliance with HIPAA

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Really Simple Systems CRM HIPAA Compliance

Really Simple Systems CRM is compliant with HIPAA.

CRM Compliance with HIPAAThe Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is US legislation designed to protect US citizens’ health insurance when they change, or lose jobs. This is particularly important in the US as there is no, or very little, public health service. It also has provisions for protecting sensitive personal and medical data stored in computers and other systems. This is where it becomes relevant to CRM systems.

CRM HIPAA Compliance

For a CRM system to be HIPAA compliant it needs to have systems and policies in place to ensure that individuals’ data confidentiality is maintained. That data needs to be stored securely, is not transmitted unencrypted, and is backed up.

All of the above is part of Really Simple Systems’ standard CRM and is a subset of EC data protection legislation. One of the main reasons that HIPAA covers data security is because there is no general legislation covering data privacy in the US.

It is, of course, up the users of the CRM to also maintain their own systems and policies. They need to ensure that the data stored in the CRM is only accessed by authorised users, and is not transmitted insecurely or to unauthorised personnel.

Read more about our CRM HIPAA compliance on our Customer Support Hub.

Business Associate Agreement

Signed Business Associate Agreements (BAA) that certify compliance with HIPAA are available for Enterprise Plan customers.

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