Improvements to CRM Reporting

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We’ve just released a a major upgrade to the Listing Report Writer which should help a lot of people with their CRM reporting.

You can now subtotal both numeric fields and a count of the number of records, as well as simply having a grand total at the bottom. You can have multiple levels of subtotalling, too.

Instead of showing all the individual records, you can choose to show just how many records there are, or the sum of their values. So you can have a report showing how many calls each person has made, instead of having to show the detail of each Activity. Or a report that shows the number and total value of Opportunities by sales person (maybe subtotalled by Source!).

PDF Output
All reports can now be downloaded in pdf format, as well as csv.

PDF Output is now available in all Editions, Subtotalling and Summarisation is available in Premium Edition with Advanced Reporting and as standard in Enterprise Edition.

Full details can be found on the CRM Support Hub.

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