Customer Survey Report 2015

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92% of Customers would recommend our CRM

The American author Harper Lee is quoted as saying “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view”. At Really Simple Systems, understanding our customers’ point of view is fundamental to our business model – and providing a channel for them to express their opinion is essential.

Last month we ran a survey inviting feedback from our customers on our CRM system and service. This data will be used to reinforce what we already know about our customers, through our CRM, and will enable us to better address our customers’ needs. Some might say you can never have too much customer information but, in my opinion, unless you know how to analyse it and use that data, it is worthless. With this survey the insight gained has already been circulated to all our team and will influence priority of our product and service development and allow us to further personalise our marketing.

High Satisfaction and Growth

The survey confirmed that there are high levels of customer satisfaction with the Really Simple Systems CRM, and also showed that our customers are experiencing business growth ahead of their industry sector. This might suggests that using our CRM system is creating competitive advantage! And with 49% of responders saying that they had previous experience with other CRM systems, mainly with, their choice of Really Simple Systems CRM is a big endorsement for us.

Of course, there is no opportunity for complacency, and the feedback points out a number of areas where we need to improve – many of which we are already working on. Making our integrated Email Marketing module easier to use and with better functionality was the most requested development. This is at the top of our priority list and the development team are busy working on the improvements. We can also see that whilst our customers are very impressed with our customer support there is a need for more training videos, webinars and a redesign of our web site support pages.

Service Industry

Interesting for us was to learn that 45% of responders gave their industry sector as ‘Business Services’, ‘Professional Services’ or ‘Technology’. This is a great help in considering our customer needs and how these organisations operate. Whilst more than 50% of customers are small businesses, with less than 10 employees, we can see a growing number of larger organisations finding our CRM suitable for their needs too.

Very encouraging is that more than 80% of customers have adopted the CRM system as an integral part of their sales and marketing operation, using it daily or ‘all the time’. Commonly customers comment on how easy it is for their staff to learn how to use the system, with just a few minutes of training. This is music to our ears and what we set out to do – create a simple CRM system that is easily adopted by non-specialised staff. However, the survey results also show that many customers do not understand all the features available to them and further education and training is required.

A new insight for us was the high number of customers accessing the CRM via mobile devices – tablets and smartphones. The number of users is above the industry average and the trend is increasing. Another priority for us will be to spend more time in developing the user interface for mobile devices.

Other development requests we will be taking on board include making the CRM customisation easier, improvements to Opportunities and linking Tasks to emails. General customer service developments will include improved web site support pages, more ‘how to’ videos, advanced user webinars, and greater access to the customer support team.


More than anything the customer survey has been very encouraging for the Really Simple Systems team. 84% of responders said they thought the CRM was ‘Good value for money’, and 92% said they would recommend Really Simple Systems CRM to other organisations (97% and 99% if you take out the ‘don’t knows’) – and only 24% of responders are using the Free Edition! Many customers just took the time to leave a message of thanks and to say how pleased they are with the system. Thank you all!

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Helen Armour

Helen Armour

Helen is the Marketing Manager at Really Simple Systems, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered Marketer.