Really Simple Systems Releases Drip Marketing

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Really Simple Systems, one of the world’s largest providers of hosted CRM systems, today added drip marketing capabilities to its Marketing module. The new functionality allows a series of timed emails to be scheduled against individual contacts in the CRM system. Contacts can be automatically added to the drip marketing campaign by an activity on a web site, such as completing an enquiry form or downloading software, or by sending in an email.

John Paterson, CEO Really Simple Systems, comments, “Drip marketing is ideal for sending prospects a series of messages after they sign up for a seminar or evaluation system, or download a white paper. By integrating drip marketing into campaign management, and combining the sales and marketing functionality into one integrated system, we’re making advanced marketing functionality easy to use.”

Really Simple Systems’ Marketing module is available with both Premium and Enterprise Editions of its cloud CRM system.

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