Duplicate Checking for Account Names

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 Introducing duplicate checking on Account Names

When creating a new Account in your CRM system you will now automatically get a warning to let you know when an Account Name already exists. A pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen before completing the new entry if the CRM detects an existing account with the same name.

This will prevent different users adding the same account into the system. It will also help minimise confusion arising within your team and in sales handling if you have duplicate entries. Preventing duplicates of an account will prevent unnecessary accounts on your system and help keep your CRM system in tip top condition.

Duplicate checking has been a much requested feature among our customers and will be available in all of our CRM edition. If you want more information about how our duplicate checking works please visit our support page.

About the Author

Jessica Kuznia

Jessica Kuznia

Jessica Kuznia is a content writer for Really Simple Systems and a current postgraduate student in Organisational Psychology at the University of Leeds. Her areas of knowledge include data security, CX, business strategy & IT.