A CRM with Email Marketing

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If you are looking for a CRM with email marketing, our Email Marketing module offers a great add-on to your CRM system. It allows you to run your own email marketing campaigns directly from your CRM, utilising your CRM data. You can segment customers into different campaigns and view the results of your campaigns in real-time. Our CRM with email marketing makes it simple to send customised mass emails and monitor the results.

Manage your Sender Reputation

Before you start your email campaign, take a look at our post on sender reputation. Understanding how email clients view your messages will help prevent your emails getting caught up in spam filters. The system will automatically handle any email bounces and will phase your campaign into batches, again avoiding being labelled as Spam.

When sending a large number of emails we recommend using the DribbleMail option to spread the mailing over a couple of days.

Manage Customer Responses

Our CRM with email marketing will let you view how many customers have opened the email and the number of clickthroughs. It will show any recipients that have Unsubscribed from the mailing list and automatically removes them from the email campaign. All of the data is stored and available to view in the CRM system so you can follow and react to customer response in real-time!

Everything in one place

There is no need for third party software as our CRM system. With our CRM everything is in one place allowing you to run email campaign from start to finish. The module comes with some basic email templates or you can create your own from scratch. You can customise and upload templates you may already have or upload your own HTML script.

Our CRM system will track incoming leads from your email campaign letting you measure the success rate of your campaign.

The CRM with Email Marketing is included in our Enterprise plan for free with for 5 or more users.  Or you can add it as an extra option with our Premium plan CRM. Pricing Options.

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Jessica Kuznia

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