Email Marketing Editor Version 3.1 Release

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Really Simple Systems has launched Version 3.1 of our Email Marketing Editor this week for all customers. This follows on from the launch of the new Email Editor in May.

This new version has the ability to edit the colours of the background, frames, sections and borders of the email. It also comes with pre-defined colour Themes.

If you’re still using Version 2 of the original HTML editor, your old emails will still work but you should start from scratch when creating new emails, as the two editors use very different formatting. Version 3.1 offers “drag and drop” creation of emails, and compatibility across email clients including smartphones.

Forthcoming features for the Email Marketing Editor include the ability to create emails that look like “normal” emails sent from your email client, and the ability to upload custom HTML that has been prepared by your email marketing agency.

Watch our “how to” video on how to create an email in the Email Editor.

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John Paterson

John Paterson

John is the CEO and Founder of Really Simple Systems