Email Marketing – Improved Sending

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It is now easier to send emails with our Email Marketing.

Instead of sending your marketing emails through your own mail server, we can now send them for you. We will also report your Sender Reputation, hourly quota and how many recipients reported your email as spam.

This feature will be a huge boon to customers whose email providers restrict the number of emails that can be sent in one day, such as BT and Google.

All new customers using Marketing will be automatically set up with this facility, and existing ones can migrate if they want to. There is no additional cost to use this service providing you send no more than 50,000 emails a month. If you want to send more than that, there’s an additional charge of $40 per 50,000 emails.

If you are an existing customer and want to take advantage of this new facility, just contact support or your account manager.

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John Paterson

John Paterson

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