Really Simple Systems Launches Free CRM To Market

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Our Free CRM is now open!

Really Simple Systems, the largest UK vendor of Cloud CRM systems, today announced the launch of Really Simple Systems Free Edition; a free version of the vendor’s flagship product that gives users the software and hosting for a two-user sales system free of charge, forever. This change in strategy is part of the company’s plan to be the largest global CRM vendor in terms of users in the next three years.

Really Simple Systems Free Edition is a complete Sales Force Automation CRM system, including Account , Contact and Opportunity management, sales forecasting and reporting. Free Edition can handle up to 100 Accounts and 100Mb of document storage, and users can add more users and storage from £5 a month. John Paterson, CEO of Really Simple Systems, comments, “If you’ve ever been put off CRM systems because of the cost or complexity, then this is the system for you.”

Existing customers with one or two users, who could currently be paying up to £70 a month, can downgrade to the Free Edition as soon as their existing subscriptions end. For those who are paying monthly by credit card, this change will be immediate. Once users reach the limit of what can be achieved within the boundaries of the Free and Premium editions, they can upgrade to Really Simple Systems Enterprise Edition for Marketing, Customer Service & Support and the Really Simple Systems API (Application Programme Interface) that was launched in August.

Commenting on what has prompted the company to pursue this new strategy, Paterson says, “Cloud Computing offers customers a radical new way to buy sophisticated applications at a low cost. By making the CRM really easy to use, Really Simple Systems can deliver CRM without the expense of a high touch sales and support process, and passing this saving to the customer.”

Paterson concludes, “Really Simple Systems currently has over 2,000 customers, and the prediction is that we will sign around 10,000 new Free Edition users over the next twelve months. Of those 10,000 we only expect about 1,000 to upgrade to a paid-for system. We’re going to make life tough not just for conventional CRM vendors, but for Cloud vendors with high prices and high cost bases.”