Generating B2B Sales Leads

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A no-nonsense approach to traditional and digital marketing

This presentation was originally delivered at the Elite Business Event in Shoreditch on April 10th and 11th 2014, by CEO John Paterson to an audience in excess of 150 individuals. Topics covered:

  • Small Business Marketing: the choices you have.

    • Modern marketing offers businesses and individuals a multitude of platforms, channels and methods of contacting their customers. Amidst all the choices of possible activity from the expensive Billboard advertising to the time consuming Twitter management. John goes back to basics to ask what is marketing all about.
  • SEO: Search Engine optimisation, taming the Google giant.

    • Google organic search remains the main driver of new sales leads for most small businesses, find out how to optimise this important channel.
  • Database marketing: people sell to people.

    • Once you have defined your customers, you need to create a database which will allow you to build communications campaigns to contact them. What is the quickest way to do this?
  • Sales Leads: Your best prospects are in the trash can!

    • Have you set a profile for your ideal customer, do you reject potential customers who fall outside specific criteria. Overtime customers and product change and evolve. So your best leads can be those you rejected a few months before.
  • Email Marketing: Still the most powerful marketing tool.

    • Learn how to segment your database and create a compelling personalized Email marketing campaign that builds customer loyalty and drives conversions

In summary: There are no shortcuts to great marketing, but focus on the five essentials outlined above and start growing your business success today.

John Paterson CEO, Really Simple Systems

Increase Business Sales by John Paterson
John Paterson CEO, Really Simple Systems. John has used, implemented and overseen more CRM systems than he cares to admit to as a salesperson, sales manager, sales director, COO and CEO. As founder of Really Simple Systems he receives feedback from thousands of CRM users, and like them uses CRM to combine sales and marketing systems into one efficient process.
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