Really Simple Systems launches Simple Hosted CRM

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A New Simple Hosted CRM for Small Business

A new, UK based, simple hosted CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service is launched today, designed to be simple, easy to use and hosted, with no upfront software or licence fee, just a simple monthly payment.

The company is backed by John Paterson, who has an impressive software background having started and run many CRM and ERP companies. John is clear that he sees a need in the market for simple, effective CRM. He states; “My ambition is to develop a system that does what is says on the box, is easy to use, implement and run. CRM doesn’t need to be complicated and we know that if it is, then no-one uses it”.

Frank Pipe, Sales Director of Intuwave, a provider of SmartPhone technology, said “Getting sales people to use CRM systems is always a challenge. We chose Really Simple Systems because our sales people said that it was the easiest to use CRM system that they’d ever seen.”

“Companies are fed up with CRM products not delivering the perceived benefit”, says John. “Really Simple Systems delivers and what’s more the users like it and if the users like it they will use it”.

John is passionate about his product, “Research and anecdotal evidence has shown that time and time again CRM systems fail to deliver because users, particularly sales people, don’t embrace the system. The biggest complaint about many of the current CRM products is complexity. Vendors are fighting a functionality war at the expense of simplicity, and users are oversold products, believing that this complexity brings benefits. But it doesn’t, it just turns people off using the system.”

About John Paterson
John has run a number of companies including Oxygen Solutions (a CRM vendor which he sold to Aspective in 2000) and Zeus Technology (Internet infrastructure, now purchased by Scottish Equity Partners and Cazenove Private Equity). John was one of the founders of Systems Union Group plc, the mid-market ERP software vendor, now a listed company. As Chief Operating Officer and President he took the company to revenues of $100,000,000 over a fifteen year period to 1999 before its listing.

Over his career he has implemented, used and sold many CRM systems from the small to the largest, and it was off the back of these experiences that he saw the gap in the market for a simple, straightforward hosted CRM system that was aimed specifically at small and medium sized organisations.

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