Major Improvements to Listing Reports

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We’ve just improved the reporting functionality of our CRM system to make it more powerful, easier to use and easier to share the reports.

These features are available to all Really Simple systems customers across all three Editions.

The Listing Report writer now features:

Report Management: Making reports easier to locate and manage

The new Reports listing functionality displays the reports in searchable grid. Very similar to the ways Accounts and Contacts are displayed.

We’ve also combined both the Listing Reports and the Forecast Reports into one page instead of keeping them separate, following customer feedback.

Adding Hyperlinks: Providing deep links to your customer data through reports.

Within the reports the names of your contacts and their companies are now clickable.

You can now create a segmented report based on categories of your choosing and then click through to individuals or companies to see the detail of their recent activity or sales history.

Hyperlinks are also enabled on Tasks, Activity and Opportunities.
PDF Output – Easier to share

Reports can be downloaded directly into a PDF (Portable Document Format file), in either Portrait or Landscape format.

This is an additional option and exists alongside the option to download the .csv file into MS Excel or other spreadsheet for further analysis and segmentation.

All the above features are available in all three CRM Editions: Free, Premium and Enterprise.

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John Paterson

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