Reporting Tips: Report on Customers Not Contacted

Our reporting tips will help you run CRM reports to see a list of contacts that you have not contacted for a period of time.

Customer relationship management is all about keeping up regular contact with your customers. Maybe you have a policy to call every few weeks yet keeping tabs on who is due a call can also be problematic.

If you are using your CRM correctly, each time you contact someone you’ll be able to reset a task for the next follow up. But sometimes things slip or maybe a sales person is unwell. Next thing you know months have gone by and the customer has taken their business elsewhere. Rather than just relying on your tasks and calendar, you can also run reports to pull off a list of customers you haven’t contacted recently.

CRM for contacting customers

It’s easy to do and you can set it up to be run every month without updating. Here’s how…

Creating the Report

From the Reports icon on the main menu, open a new report by clicking ‘Add Listing Report’ and give your report a name. For example, ‘Customers not contacted for 6 weeks’.

In the ‘Report View’ use the dropdown list to select ‘Last Activity’. This will enable us to set a report criteria based on when the last Activity was added to an Account e.g. a call or email.

In the ‘Scope’ set the selection to ‘All Accounts’.

Report Fields

The next thing to do is to choose the fields that you want reported on. These will be the columns of your report. In the left-hand box, use the dropdown lists to select the fields you want to show. For example:

User.Initials – The name of your CRM system user who has added the Activity
Account.Name – The name of the Account
Account.Type – The type of account, for example, ‘Customer’
Activity.Type – Whether it was a call, email, meeting etc.
Activity.Date – When was the activity

Criteria Fields

Next, in the top right-hand box, you’ll want to choose what selection criteria you want i.e. how you specify the report data. I only want to see the Accounts that have not been contacted within the last 6 weeks, with the Account Type of ‘Customer’, so I would use the dropdown lists to select the following:

Activity.Date < today-42 – Accounts where the last activity date was ‘less than’ today minus 42 days (6 weeks)
Account.Type = Customer – The Account type is ‘Customer’. If you want to select more than one Account type you can use the ‘is one of’ option and add the types separated by a semi-colon, e.g. ‘Customer;Client’.

Sort Fields

Finally, you can select how you want your report data to be sorted so it’s easy to find the information you want. For example:

User.Initial Ascending – The report will be sorted firstly by the User alphabetically in ascending order
Account.Name Ascending – The report will be sorted secondly by the Account name alphabetically in ascending order
Activity.Date Ascending – Thirdly the report will be sorted by the Activity date

Here’s a screenshot of what it might look like. Click to enlarge the image.

Using a CRM to create a customer contact report

Then if you click ‘Run Report’ you will get your report and you can click through on any of the Accounts and Contacts.

If you then Save the report you will be able to run the same report each time you need to without making any changes to the report.