How to Sell – Demonstration

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The Demonstration

sales demonstrationAfter qualification and fact finding, you know that the prospect is worth time selling to. Now’s the time to find out their more detailed requirements.

Some people will know what they want and what the offerings in that market all do. Others may need educating. For example, a prospective CRM purchaser may have used CRM systems in previous companies. They know what they do and has a pretty good idea of what they want from such a system. Another may say something like “We’re looking for a CRM system that covers our whole business process including invoicing and delivery routing logistics.”

In the IT world, invoicing is usually done by accounting products and logistics by specialist systems. We need to educate the prospect and then help them with their CRM choice, as well as pointing them to products that do what the CRM doesn’t. At the end of the demonstration you should ask for feedback and again do a trial Close. For example, “Can you see this CRM system working for you?”, or  “How does this compare to other products that you’ve seen?”.

You’ll probably not close the prospect at this stage, but the questions will give you insight into where the prospect’s head lies.

If you’d like to learn more, Sales Hacker provides a great tutorial on how to develop a compelling sales demonstration. You can also find out how to become a better demonstrator by reading tips from stage performers on Marketo.

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