How to Sell – Introduction

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An Introduction on How to Sell

An introduction on how to sellThe popular view is that only some people can sell, that salesmen are born, not made. The reality is that anyone can sell, and that the art of selling can be learnt in the same way any process can be learnt. Certainly, some people will have a natural aptitude for selling in the same way that some people have an aptitude for music, or foreign languages, but anybody can achieve competence in selling if they want to.

If you’re the shy and introverted type though you will have to overcome some personal traits to sell successfully. You’ll need to be brave in order to ask tough questions and overcome your fear of rejection. And you’ll need to break some social taboos about what nice people are allowed to do.What you don’t have to be is the media’s clichéd depiction of a sales person: pushy, untrustworthy, always on the make. Someone who would sell their grandmother. Such people do exist, but professional sales people work with their customers to make sure they buy the solution they need, and come back and buy more because they are happy.

Once you’ve worked out how to sell, you’ll wonder how you survived without it. Those same skills are those you’ll find hugely useful when negotiating with any person, be they your boss, employees, partner or child. How many times have you heard the expression “selling the idea”? It means what it says, as any politician will tell you.

Selling is a mix of skills and techniques: a process that once understood, is obvious; interpersonal skills that are more about human psychology; and perseverance.

An introduction to selling info-graphic covering qualification, facts, sales demos, objections and sales closing

Follow each stage in order and in more detail in the next sections, starting with the qualification of leads. Click the green button below to start!

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