What’s New in Version 5 for 2018

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CRM Experience enhanced with Version 5

Since the launch of our new CRM Version 5 last year, we’ve continued the development to improve your CRM experience.

Find out what’s new…

We’ve updated the Report Writers and Service & Support module, bringing them into the Version 5 style. There’s additional customisation options for the Data Summary Tables, new simple Export Data features, and new functionality to specifically address your compliance with GDPR.

  • GDPR Compliance

    The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018 and has implications for anyone processing and holding data on EU citizens. One of the key rulings of the legislation is the need to gain “explicit consent” from individuals for marketing communications.

  • CRM Experience: GDPR Compliance Features

To help our customers comply with GDPR we’ve developed specific features to record and manage mailing consents. Part of a three-phase development, this first stage is now live, letting you collect opt-in consents from new leads via your web site. The consent details are recorded to one or more mailing lists, creating an auditable log of when, how and from what IP address the consent was granted.

The new Mailing & Consent Lists feature can be populated using WebTransactions (with Advanced Marketing) or with a manually entry process.

As well as addressing GDPR requirements, the development lets you create segmented mailing lists according to contact preferences and for various products or services.

Report Writers

Whilst updating the Listing and Forecast Report Writers to the Version 5 specification, we’ve added a few new features to make running reports even simpler.

You can now add reporting widgets to your dashboard and run reports directly from the Reports Summary Table. There’s also a new “drag and drop” report builder making it easy to design your reports and meet your business needs.

If you’re using our Advanced Reporting feature (Enterprise plan) you can now schedule reports to be sent to your inbox. And the “Run-time” feature lets you edit the filter criteria each time to run the report. Read more.

Custom Summary Tables/Grids

If you have Custom Fields in your CRM you can now display these on your Data Summary Tables/Grids within each section of the CRM. Any custom fields can be selected to show as a column on the grid, so you can display the information that’s important to you.

Export Data

We’ve also included a simple Data Export feature that lets you select records from any of the Data Summary Tables and export them as a PDF, CSV, Excel file or to your Clipboard.

Service & Support Module

Customers using our Service & Support module will have noticed that this has been updated to the Version 5 interface. It works in exactly the same as before, letting you manage your customer support tickets, but with the modern new look.

Switching to Version 5

If you are not already using the CRM Version 5 you can find out how to update your CRM here.

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Helen Armour

Helen Armour

Helen is the Marketing Manager at Really Simple Systems, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered Marketer.