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Need some CRM advice? Or maybe you want the latest sales and marketing trends? You can find it all here in our CRM blog.
CRM Aug 3rd, 2015
Jessica Kuznia

What is CRM Software?

What is CRM software? If you’re new to CRM this blog post explores some of the basics for anyone just starting out wi...

Marketing May 19th, 2015
Helen Armour

A/B Testing Guide

Our A/B Testing Guide will show you how it can be used to improve your marketing communications, website content, ema...

Marketing Mar 17th, 2015
Helen Armour

What’s in a Name?

Many Email Service Providers don’t allow you to upload role-based email addresses like admin@ but many small business...

News Jun 2nd, 2014
John Paterson

LinkedOut – LinkedIn and CRM

LinkedIn has closed its API access to all CRM vendors excluding Salesforce & Microsoft.

News Apr 30th, 2013
John Paterson

Software-as-a-Service Supplier of Choice for G-Cloud

Really Simple Systems CRM has been chosen as one of the select suppliers for the government G-Cloud iii scheme.

Sales Nov 8th, 2012
John Paterson

Your Best Sales Leads May Be In The Trash Can

Your sales teams might be ignoring or missing great lead opportunities by not using a CRM System.

News Aug 14th, 2012
John Paterson

Launching Integrated Mass Emailing in Cloud CRM

With integrated mass emailing added to the CRM users no longer need to use third party emailing marketing systems

News Jul 26th, 2012
John Paterson

Adoption of Cloud CRM Soars

A survey has revealed that adoption of cloud CRM systems has soared over the course of the last year. We explore the ...

News Oct 10th, 2010
John Paterson

Really Simple Systems Brings Free CRM to Market

Launching our Free CRM gives users the software and hosting for a two-user sales system free of charge, forever.

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