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About Audio Marketing Concepts

Audio Marketing Concepts employs teams of creative writers, production engineers, audio architects and scent specialists to design unique marketing programmes for clients.  Whether a business is looking for a marketing on hold programme, auto-attendant voicing, business music or a custom scent for a store, hotel or office Audio Marketing can do it all.

Audio Marketing’s clients primarily stem from retail and hospitality markets who wish to leave a mark on customers. In order to attract new clients, the company employs word of mouth marketing and attends industry trade shows.

As new leads are generated, Audio Marketing will identify the size and scale of incoming projects. Many client projects are unique, with the time scale varying from a week to six months emphasising that every client requires a different approach to relationship management.

Really Simple Systems was easy to set up, our Account Manager helped us with anything we needed, and their pricing is great.
Joel Ostroff, Audio Marketing Concepts

This varied sales process required a versatile and flexible CRM system. CEO Joel Ostroff identified that the company’s CRM system wasn’t meeting these requirements “Our previous CRM was pricey, overly complicated and wasn’t serving our business objectives. It was cumbersome, and clearly needed replacing.”

After reviewing their priorities, Joel identified three key requirements:

Accessibility – All employees are remote workers and need easy access to the CRM.

Customisation – The ability to edit the CRM to the business’s unique needs.

Simplicity – Minimise the need for training and be easy to use.

After researching various systems, Audio Marketing settled on Really Simple Systems CRM. Joel explains “We were able to jump right into it. Really Simple Systems was easy to set up, our Account Manager, Muhammad Miah, helped us with anything we needed, and their pricing is great.”

Creating a Custom CRM

The priority of accessibility was something the Really Simple Systems immediately addressed. As the CRM is cloud based, Joel knew that any staff member could access the CRM from anywhere, enabling Audio Marketing’s remote working company structure.

Customisation was also important as Audio Marketing needed to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Joel expands “Our previous CRM didn’t allow for any customisation so settling on Really Simple Systems, we wanted this to be a priority.”

I was able to build Really Simple Systems CRM to be exactly what I wanted with no difficulty.
Joel Ostroff, Audio Marketing Concepts

Joel provided examples of how they utilised Really Simple Systems CRM customisation:

We edited the CRM dashboard display, so we have quick access to key information through custom widgets. Our favourite widgets link to company reports and the “To do List”.

We created custom fields to hold key data. Because of this we can search for a specific product serial number and instantly be given the customer, their information, and the status of the product.

Joel continued, “These custom settings combined with the ability to automatically record email history is amazing. When we go to an account, we’re able to view their full history, notes, and any other information quickly and easily. All the information is in one place which is invaluable.”

The Importance of Simplicity

With ease of use being the final factor, Joel highlighted the simplicity of Really Simple Systems.

“We didn’t need any of the complex features offered by other CRMs. All we needed was easy access to our customers. I was able to build Really Simple Systems to be exactly what I wanted with no difficulty.”

Final Thoughts

Summarising Audio Marketing’s use of Really Simple Systems, Joel states “The CRM is invaluable. It is one of our key tools which is used every day, all day long. The programme has become second nature, and it keeps us smart while interacting with our clientele.”

“Really Simple Systems CRM is a no brainer. In this day and age, I don’t know how someone could run a business without a CRM which suits your business needs. You just got to do it.”

Industry: Marketing
Location: Canada
Company Size: 1-10

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