Contact Management

Manage your contacts and share with your team

Contact Management Made Simple

  • Things have moved on a bit since Rolodex cards and spreadsheets! Our CRM contact management software makes it easy to manage your contacts and share information with your team. Using Sales Force Automation you can manage your customers, prospects, suppliers and vendors, view all your interactions with them and set tasks to follow up.

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  • Contact Management software from Really Simple Systems CRM

Our contact management software is designed for Business to Business (B2B) so contacts are managed at company level with a single page view. You’ll be able to record your conversations, meetings, emails, tasks and other activities straight into the company record, giving a complete record of your contact history.

Two-way MailSync™

Our two-way MailSync means you can automatically capture all your emails to and from your customers straight into the CRM. You’ll be able to see your own interactions with the contact as well as those with other members of your team. And as everything runs on the Cloud so you’ll always have the latest information at your fingertips.

Contact Management Software Features

  • CRM Contact Management Software on the go

    • Advanced search to quickly find what you need
    • Email integration with MailSync™
    • Set up calls and meetings using Tasks
    • Record interactions and notes in Activities
    • Link related accounts together
    • Microsoft Calendar Sync
    • Google Contacts Sync
    • Document storage
    • Web-to-contact forms
    • Custom fields to fit your business