Email and Newsletter Designer

Design professional emails and newsletters from your CRM

Create Email Newsletters

  • Our email marketing software lets you design your own professional email newsletters and save them as templates. This means you can style and format your emails to fit with your brand ID by adding logos, images and colour schemes.

    Using the style sections, you can build up your design then add text, images and logos. Importantly, you can add personalisation using any of the data from your CRM and create hyperlinks to web pages and social media.

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  • Email Designer for creating Email Newsletters

    • Style to fit your brand ID
    • Add logos and images
    • Add personalised data
    • Include hyperlinks
    • Import HTML designs
    • Cleate “plain text” messages
    • Social media links
    • Attach documents
    • Spam score rating
    • Save emails as templates

Email Newsletter Personalisation

You can create more effective marketing campaigns by personalising your emails. Our personalisation feature lets you address your messages correctly and add any other references held in your CRM. For example, you might want to refer to a product the customer has previously purchased or maybe a warranty date. Furthermore, you can make your emails more relevant by adding geo-location data and other information held in your custom fields.

Email Designer Options

Emails can be created using “plain text” formats, without any images, or you can import your own HTML design. Therefore you can adapt the style of your messages to suit the occasion. Additionally, you might also like to attach documents to your email – you simply click to add a document.

Spam Checker

To make sure you don’t fall foul of any ISPs (Internet Service Providers – the companies that provide connectivity and often manage people’s email) our email designer includes a Spam scorer. This examines the content of your email newsletters and scores them, indicating if they might be classed as Spam. This helps protect your sender reputation and your relationship with your contacts.


To get help with our email marketing software you can register for a live webinar Creating and Sending an Email Newsletter. You might also find our blog Creating an Email Newsletter helpful.