Manage ROI of your Campaigns

Effectively measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns

Tracking your Marketing Campaigns

  • Being able to effectively manage ROI just got easier! With our integrated marketing module everything you need to execute, manage and report on your marketing campaigns is all in one place. Because your marketing activity feeds directly back into the CRM you can easily monitor and measure your success and ROI.

    The data from your marketing campaigns is held within your CRM giving immediate insight into your customers’ behaviour. This can be viewed by your sales team with new sales leads allocated to a particular campaign. As a result, you’ll be able to record your cost per lead, cost per opportunity, cost per sales and, hence, your return on investment.

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  • Manage ROI with our CRM integrated marketing module

  • Track the number and value of leads
  • Track and compare cost per lead across campaigns
  • Manage ROI for each campaign
  • Measure the success rate across your campaigns
  • Powerful report writer allows extensive analytics

ROI Reporting

The marketing campaigns dashboard gives you a summary of your latest campaigns and how they are performing. However, you can also use our powerful report writers to produce custom reports, detailing the information you need.

For example, you might want to run summary reports that show the total number of leads by source, or sales by campaign. You can report on this months new leads from your website and create reports across marketing and sales data, such as the last sales activity on each new lead generated.