Email Campaign Scheduler

Schedule your emails to arrive at the opportune moment

Schedule Emails and Campaigns

  • Our marketing module includes a sophisticated scheduler so you can schedule emails to send exactly when you want – by hour, day, week or month. This means you can schedule emails to arrive in your contact’s inbox at the opportune moment when they are most likely to read it.

    Before sending your email campaign you can preview the message and test it by sending a test message to yourself. This shows you exactly how the message will look when your contact opens it.

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  • Schedule emails to arrive when you want them to

  • Schedule each email by hour, day, week or month
  • Use DribbleMail to send over a period of time
  • Send test emails to your own inbox
  • Send emails in batches
  • Monitor your mailing queue


A feature of our email scheduler is DribbleMail™. Because you can control the mailing by “dribbling” out your emails over a number of hours, days or weeks, you’ll maintain a good Sender Reputation and help ensure that your emails reach your contacts.

Sender Reputation

Sender Reputation is a score that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) give you as a sender of mass emails. It’s calculated based on your email bounce rate, how many people flag your email as spam and how many people unsubscribe. Hence, maintaining a good sender reputation is as important as the content of your email message.

Email Monitor

When you send or schedule an email campaign your messages are added to your email queue. This means you can monitor the queue by see what has been sent and what is scheduled, making sure you are always on top of your marketing campaigns.