Web-to-Case Forms

Automated service tickets from your web site

Create Service & Support Cases using Web Forms

  • With a web help desk you can create web-to-case forms that automatically open a new service ticket for effective case management. New cases can be triggered when a customer completes your online support form. The new case can be assigned to your support team and, furthermore, the details will be captured to your CRM.

    You can set up auto-responses to let your customer know you have received their request and issue them with a case or “ticket” number. Consequently, all further communication quoting this reference will be automatically recorded against this case and the customer account within the CRM.

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  • Web-to-Case Forms from your Web Help Desk

  • Auto-capture cases from your web site
  • Auto-set tasks to follow up
  • Auto-allocate new cases to different teams

Web-to-Lead Forms

Similarly, if you are also using our Marketing module, you can set up online forms for your customers to complete with any service requests. In this instant you might create a service ticket that is allocated to your support team to follow up. As a result, you’ll be able to follow up more quickly, so keeping your customers happy.