CRM Tutorial Videos

Need some CRM training and help? Our non-techie, CRM tutorial videos show you how to use the key CRM features.


How to Add an Opportunity

In managing your sales pipeline, see how you can easily create a new opportunity in your CRM.

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How to Add Tasks and Activities

Watch how to add Tasks and Activities to your customer account, building up a timeline of your interactions.

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How To Use CRM Calendars

Watch how to use the CRM calendar to manage your Tasks and Appointments in the CRM.

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How to Create Quotations

With Really Simple Systems CRM you can create quotations directly from your sales opportunities and mail them to your prospects.

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How To Run Listing Reports

Use Listing Reports to report on all the stored data in your CRM including accounts, contacts, tasks, activities, marketing campaigns and support cases.

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How to Create Forecast Reports

Learn how to create Forecast Reports to track your CRM sales opportunities and manage your sales teams.

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Using the Service & Support Tool

Using the Service and Support module you can effectively manage your customer support cases and prioritise your responses.

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Introduction to the Simple Marketing Tool

Use our Simple Marketing tool to create and send great-looking emails then track your engagement levels.

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How to Design Marketing Emails

Watch to see how easy it is to design great-looking emails using our Simple and Advanced Marketing tools.

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