How often do you run CRM Backups?

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CRM Backups Frequency and Data Security

At Really Simple Systems full CRM backups are taken of every customer’s data every night. This includes all Free CRM systems, and we keep the backups forever (we have them going back to 1994).

We also replicate the data in real-time from our production data centre to our failover datacentre, so if the production datacentre goes down we can fail over without losing any data.

To make sure your data is secure we also take snapshot backups at a set time each evening and hold it off-site at our offices. This means we can rebuild a customer’s data as at any day in the past should we need to.

The backup data is stored in a compressed and encrypted format. After three months the backup data is deleted from the servers in the datacentres and is archived onto portable media and stored in a locked fireproof safe. We also keep another live server with a copy of yesterday’s data, for quick access when customers inadvertently delete data.

Find our more about our CRM data security.