Is My Data Held Separate?

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Is my data held separate from others?

Almost all Cloud CRM systems (and also accounting systems, HR systems, etcetera) are multi-tenanted. That means that data from multiple customers is stored in the same tables/databases. Without multi-tenancy cloud vendors, like ourselves, couldn’t scale and provide the service at such a low cost. So no, your data is not held separate.

Really Simple Systems supports over 17,000 users, using over 11,000 individual CRM systems. To provide individual databases would be a large overhead, especially as we are adding 50 plus new systems a day.

So to make sure that all this data is secure and each customer only sees their own data we have security at multiple levels within the system: two within the main code base and another at the database level.

For some customers where security is a real issue (we are talking Department of Defense level), we can offer a separate database. But almost all our customers, including Government customers, run on the standard, multi-tenanted, system.