Need a CRM for Macs, iPads and IPhones?

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CRM for Macs

If you need a CRM for Macs, iPad, iPhones and on android devices Really Simple Systems is a great choice.

The CRM system just uses a browser, so it works with Safari, Chrome, Firefox or any browser that you have installed on your Mac.

And you do not need an App to work on your iPad or iPhone. It’s Really Simple just use your internet browser, probably Safari, and navigate to

  • The website will automatically reformat to fit your iPad, iPhone or other mobile device
  • All of the functionality exists in the same format
  • Our MailSync module also works with Macs email systems such as Eudora and Mac OS X Mail, so you can sync your email with your CRM.

Find out more about CRM for Macs and mobile devices in our blog – You don’t need a CRM App.

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