Can I use the CRM on a smartphone or mobile?

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Mobile CRM for smartphones and tablets

Really Simple Systems runs on all smartphones and tablets for mobile CRM on the go. Our system has been optimised for mobile CRM use and will adapt to the device you are currently running the system on.  Just fire up the browser on your device and the CRM software automatically detects what device you are on and adjusts accordingly. Find our more about Cloud CRM and mobile access.

Really Simple Systems CRM has been written using a technique called “responsive design” that adjusts automatically to the size of the device you are using.

On smartphones, such as iPhones and Android devices, the CRM system also integrates into the device to call telephone numbers.

Is there a Mobile App?

Our CRM is optimised for mobile use so it automatically adjusts to give you great visibility of your data and quick access. It’s not an app but the full version of the CRM, neatly packaged to give you access to the most important features.

Find out more about Cloud CRM, CRM apps and responsive design in our blog – You don’t need a CRM App.

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