Ashley Whitear

Senior Developer

  • I graduated from University of Portsmouth in 2012 with BSc Hons in Software Engineering and went on to work for an IBM business partner as a software consultant. Joining Really Simple Systems in 2014 has been like a dream come true and I love every aspect of the company. I have worked on a number of projects, large and small, most notably the Google Contacts and Microsoft Calendar integrations.

    I am a fairly typical nerd and one of my main hobbies is working on software. Whether I am spending a few extra hours tinkering with my work projects or looking at some of the latest technologies, you’ll never find me far from a computer and an internet connection!

    Outside computing I have a strong interest in space, so enjoy stargazing, astro-photography and understanding the technologies being used to achieve some truly exciting and sci-fi stuff! I also spend time mountain biking, watching good TV with wine and tasty food and, last but certainly not least, travelling, exploring and understanding the world as we know it!

    My latest life challenge has been to leave the UK and move to Australia. In getting a feel for my new surrounding my partner and I have just spent a few weeks travelling the south east coast of Australia in a camper van and exploring the countryside and cities.