Chris Tree

Development Manager

  • I originally went to Surrey Uni on an Electronic and Electrical Engineering degree course but actually enjoyed the programming parts of the course far more than the electronics. I left after 1 year and got a job building small brochure websites. From there I went on to building branded websites and call centre software for major customers of a holiday and pet insurance provider. After the company was purchased by RBS (never work for a bank) I moved to developing their retail site and the interfaces and processes of a very successful banner printing system.

    After 5 years of helping everyone else party I fancied a change and luckily found Really Simple Systems was recruiting. I came for my first interview in a suit which John Paterson made quite clear was just not the done thing around here! Taking on a team was the next step I was after and it’s been a really rewarding experience, especially as I’ve got such great colleagues.

    My passion for engineering is still strong and is combining with my enjoyment of motorcycles these days. I get to create artistic objects with my hands and then have fun riding them too!

    I’ve also got a lot fitter over the last 18 months, running weekly 10k’s with Sharon Ball in our lunch breaks, playing squash and doing gymnastics training.