Dániel Szotyori

Customer Support Team

  • Although a layman, I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a tech geek. Since I got my first Commodore 64, back in the early 1990s, I’ve tried to keep up to date with technical standards and maintained a strong user knowledge of all things IT.

    I grew up in small, rural village in the north-east of Hungary. I later moved to the city of Miskolc for school and university, studying History and Intercultural Studies there. From there I headed to our beautiful capital, Budapest, where I started work in the hospitality industry.

    Starting as an assistant waiter, I worked my way up learning lots of new and interesting skills along the way. After some great years, I felt a change was needed, to seek new challenges and learn new things – which brought me to Really Simple Systems.

    Joining the customer support team is an exciting opportunity for me. It allows me to combine my skills in customer service with my interest in IT. I now hope to put, what has always been just my hobby, to good use!

    Outside of work and away from computers, I like to swim, go to the cinema, and read a good book. Mostly though, I like spending time with my friends.