Helen Armour

Marketing Manager

  • Having joined Really Simple Systems in January 2015, the technology industry is all new to me and it still feels like a big adventure! Up to now I’ve spent most of my career in marketing and commercial roles in the travel and leisure industry so this is quite a change.

    A major event in my life has been my participation in the round-the-world yacht race, the BT Global Challenge, in 2000/1. It was after this experience that I realised a regular job just wasn’t for me and in 2004 I started my own company specialising in tall ship charters for events and hospitality. Sadly after 5 successful years the global recession meant it was time to move on so I have reverted to my “default setting” of Marketing Manager.

    I don’t sail as much today but still keep my hand in from time to time and avidly follow the world yacht racing scene. On firmer ground, I’ve been mountain biking for a few years and have recently been converted to road cycling. I’m still a bit slow but really enjoy getting out in the countryside and challenging myself.

    Taking on a different sort of challenge, I went “back to school” in 2013/14 to study for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Professional Diploma in Marketing. It meant a big commitment to get through the course but I feel the achievement has been worth it.