John Paterson

CEO and founder of Really Simple Systems

  • I cut my teeth in the software business as one of the original team at Systems Union, one of the first providers of PC based account systems. I was the first sales person and then as the business grew from five people to 600 became in turn sales director and then COO, via running operations in Australia and then France. It was boom time in the IT business then, before the first of many crashes.

    After Systems Union and after the dot-com bubble burst in 2000 I found myself becoming a turnaround CEO, running businesses such as Oxygen Solutions (CRM) and Zeus Technology (Internet infrastructure).
    Educational but all hard work and firing people is not a great lifestyle, so after the last one I decided to start my own business rather than fix other people’s, and so Really Simple Systems was born.

    In what spare time there’s left my enthusiasms are travelling, spending time in Normandy where I have a small farmhouse, walking dogs over the South Downs and of course playing the various guitars that I seem to have picked up over the years.