Richard Sarkozi

Customer Support Team

  • I joined the Really Simple Systems Support Team in 2010 and immediately felt that a new dynamic had been given to my life!

    Although I have always worked in areas which are more or less connected to interacting with people and facing technical queries (once even an employee at a telecom company), Really Simple Systems offered a real chance to combine my language skills and other capabilities, which I could not have expected elsewhere.

    Thanks to my colleagues’ flexibility, the friendly work environment, along with the inevitable challenges of embarking on a new career, I am pleased to be I am pursuing a job which offers an ever-growing number of opportunities.

    The daily variety of work faced in the support team keeps my brain fresh and each customer case is interesting. Even those that might seem similar can very often require a very different approach and, as the CRM system is constantly being developed, the support solutions also change. The high customer-service focus at Really Simple Systems often means multi-tasking as we look to respond quickly and with a thorough understanding of the customer’s query. Although challenging, I find this most rewarding and the customers’ appreciation increases my enthusiasm for the job.

    I live in Budapest with my family and relaxing away from work usually involves long walks, good novels and music in my “recluse” periods.