Switch to New Version CRM

Update your CRM to the New Version NOW!

  • You can update your CRM to the new version immediately by simply clicking the button below. Please make sure all your CRM users are logged out first, then when you switch you’ll be logging in on the new version.

    Please note, this switch is per system, not per user. As an Administrator, when you move to Version 5, all your users will be on the same interface when they next login.

    Switch to New Version CRM

    Switching to the new version will be immediate and will not affect your CRM data in any way. However, should you find an error please contact our support team on support@reallysimplesytems.com.

    Any systems still using the old version CRM will automatically be migrated in March 2018.

    The new CRM Version 5 is now available and includes many new features – to find out more see our blog Introducing our CRM New Version.

  • New Version CRM Dashboard

New features and functionality are being added to Version 5 each week:

  • New, modern user interface
  • Optimised layouts for Smartphones and tablets
  • Custom dashboard that can be tailored to the individual user
  • Predictive search facility with search across multiple records
  • Help Drawers and tutorial videos available in each page of the CRM
  • Ability to hide and re-order columns in the data tables, add custom fields and tailor to the individual user
  • Google Maps integration
  • Ability to copy, merge and move records within the data tables
  • Ability to add Contacts and Opportunities without opening the Account
  • “Drag and drop” reports builder
  • Scheduled reports
  • Intuitive groupings of Settings functions
  • Intuitive Subscription Management settings