Really Simple Systems rated “Excellent” by PC Mag

Petersfield, Hampshire
20 November 2017

Really Simple Systems CRM rated “Excellent” in new review by PC Mag

  • Leading CRM vendor, Really Simple Systems has been rated “Excellent” in a new software review conducted by PC Mag and featured in a new article The Best Lead Management Software of 2017.

    PC Magazine, recognised as the ultimate publication for technology advice, has published its first review of Really Simple Systems. The magazine has given the popular CRM tool an Editor Rating of “Excellent” and the reviewer has recommended the system to small and midsize businesses.

    Reviewer Barbara Krasnoff has summarised Really Simple Systems CRM as “an excellent CRM for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) that need an understandable user interface and strong support.”

  • Best Lead Management Software 2017 in PC Mag

“Best User Support Around”

The review gives a thorough examination of the CRM looking at the pricing, features, functionality and usability. Barbara Krasnoff praises the level of support available in the CRM explaining “The software opens to a Welcome screen that lists a link to an introductory video, registration for a live webinar, and access to the Customer Support Hub. The Hub provides a wealth of how-to articles, video tutorials, and an FAQ section. There is also live chat, and clicking a question mark on the right-hand side of the screen will bring a pull-out contextual Help screen that explains the current page and leads to more information, most of which we found to be pleasantly useful.”

Krasnoff goes on to say, “Really Simple Systems offers some of the best user support around, along with a variety of features for companies that want to pull leads from emails and forms. It’s also one of the few CRMs that offers a free version to very small companies; its other versions are also reasonably priced.”

Really Simple Systems CEO, John Paterson, commented “Being reviewed and rated so positively by PC Mag is a great endorsement for Really Simple Systems and confirms our leadership in small business CRM. Since launching the new Version 5 of our CRM earlier this year we have seen a marked difference in customer satisfaction and new customer sign ups. To be endorsed by PC Mag in this manner makes all the hard work worthwhile.”

Best Lead Management Software 2017

At the same time, PC Mag has published a new article, The Best Lead Management Software of 2017, which features the Really Simple Systems review. Also written by Barbara Krasnoff the report compares 10 CRM systems for their suitability for sales lead management.