Launching Integration with Zapier

Petersfield, Hampshire
15 January 2019

Really Simple Systems CRM Launches Integration with Zapier

  • Top small business CRM vendor, Really Simple Systems, has today announced the release of their integration with Zapier. The integration means customers can easily connect over 1,500 disparate web applications with their Really Simple Systems CRM, allowing them to automatically pass data back and forwards between them. is an integration platform that lets users easily set

  • Zapier logo: Launching Really Simple Systems Zapier Integration

up workflow automations, called Zaps, with a series of Triggers, Actions and Searches that pass data between the apps. For example, if using a web forms application to capture new leads, a Zap could automatically create an Account and Contact in the Really Simple Systems CRM then send a Task to a sales person to follow up. At the same time, another Zap could add the new lead to an email marketing app list and send the new contact a welcome message.

Zapier: The glue to multi-app integration

Really Simple Systems CEO, John Paterson, commented “As cloud computing becomes the default, users want to integrate their multiple applications in the same way they used to integrate in-house applications. Zapier not only provides the glue to do this, but integrations can be done faster and with less technical expertise.”

In the first release of the integration Really Simple Systems has provided a new contact Trigger, Actions to create Accounts, Contacts and Tasks, and Searches to find Accounts and Contacts. The next release, due later this quarter, includes Actions to create an Activity, as well as Actions and Triggers for Opportunities.

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