Launch of New Web Forms Feature

Petersfield, Hampshire
11 December 2018

Really Simple Systems CRM Launches Web Forms

  • Really Simple Systems has today announced the release of a new Web Forms feature in its integrated marketing software. The new functionality enables embedded forms to be easily created in the CRM system and added to a website without the need of a developer.

    Really Simple Systems founder and CEO, John Paterson, commented “Small business often lack the in-house skills to create professional looking enquiry forms on their web sites. Our new Web Forms feature is easy to use, creates professional looking forms and captures data back to the CRM system in real time.”

  • Web Forms feature launch

Web Forms are created using a simple drag and drop template, building up the required fields then formatting to set the design. The fields are mapped to those in the CRM software allowing customers to capture data from their website back to their CRM. The Web Form is then inserted into the customer’s web page using a code snippet.

When the form is completed online the new contact is immediately added to the CRM, setting up an account, logging the activity and triggering, for example, a task for a sales person to follow up. The form can also trigger other transactions such as adding the contact to an automated marketing campaign or creating a sales opportunity.

Paterson continued, “Web Forms makes it really easy to automate your marketing and streamline your sales. There’s no need for any technical help to create the form or to add the form to your website, which is great news for small businesses.”

Web Forms is now available as part of the Really Simple Systems Advanced Marketing module, integrated with its simple to use CRM.