CRM Sector Solutions

Really Simple Systems CRM is designed for small businesses B2B across a range of industry sectors. Discover a few below.

CRM for Tourism

An affordable, turnkey solution to manage your relationships, track sales and collaborate with your team.

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CRM for Non-Profits

A flexible CRM for not-for-profits for managing your memberships, supporters, volunteers and donors.

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CRM for Manufacturing

Keep your customers happy while still recruiting new ones with our B2B CRM for manufacturing.

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CRM for Financial Services

A CRM for financial services that supports the industry-specific requirements of financial advisers.

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CRM for Consultants

A CRM perfect for logging all of your client interactions while learning and reporting business insights.

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CRM for Construction

Easy access to all your CRM data and deals whether you're working from the office or out on-site.

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Do Happy

Here at Really Simple Systems we love nothing more than making our valued customers smile. Go on, do happy.

"When you’re a small business working towards growth, each step you take really matters. Really Simple Systems CRM helps us tackle our ever-evolving objectives!"

Ian Hare

Clear Vehicle Data

"Really Simple Systems is key to our businesses growth. The marketing feature is amazing and we love how easy it is to customise how everything displays in the CRM!"

Jonny Towers


"I highly recommend Really Simple Systems to small businesses who need the ability to easily follow up with numerous prospects. Its actually fun to use!"

Ann Parvin

Southern Comfort Homes

"By far the best part about Really Simple Systems is the team - they're very focused on helping us with what we want and looking at creative ways to get the job done."

Matt Jessop

British Red Cross

"The CRM has become a very important part of our business. It has streamlined the way we work, improved our non-verbal communication and ensured visibility across all accounts."

Richard Perry

JC Payne

"We wanted something that we could learn quickly and was affordable. It was also very important for us that Really Simple Systems was 100% committed to GDPR compliance."

Bob Barrett

CyberTech Digital

"The quick support and help from the team at Really Simple Systems is brilliant whether it be by Skype, telephone or email. I can’t recommend the product, and the people, enough!"

Elaine Hamilton

Hello Scotland

"Being able to see who has opened and clicked through on emails means we can easily see who to follow up. The all-in-one system makes it straightforward to use and view information."

Jacquie Burnside

Destination North Coast NSW

"The CRM has been able to adapt to fit us rather than us adapt to fit it. People always dislike change and to be given an intuitive system makes adoption and use so much easier for my staff."

Mike Smithson

The Property Jungle