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CRM Business Case Study

About Coursecheck

  • Coursecheck helps people find highly rated training courses by publishing reviews for training course providers online. “It’s like Tripadvisor for training courses” explains founder, Chris Wigglesworth. “We provide training course providers with a place to publish their feedback and demonstrate just how good they are.”

    Coursecheck has been using Really Simple Systems since February 2017 and before this had no way of tracking and managing their sales leads. When their sales team expanded they found working from spreadsheets to be more time-consuming and ineffective. Chris Wigglesworth explained “It became unworkable. This meant we had to look for something that would cater for our needs”.

  • CRM business case study; Chris Wigglesworth

The CRM Search

Really Simple Systems was recommended by their Marketing Manager. Chris added, “She’d used you in the past with another business”.  Even though Really Simple Systems came recommended I did look at other CRM systems.” He continues, “We chose Really Simple Systems because it does what it says on the tin.  It is simple to use. Not all these systems are, frankly” .

Start Small and Scale Up: The Right Fit

Chris goes on to say, “Getting started with Really Simple Systems was really easy. There is a low barrier to entry, which was ideal for us. You could get started with very little money. This meant that we didn’t have to dive into a more expensive product knowing we didn’t need all the functionalities”.

Chris shares “What we liked about the CRM system was that we could essentially pay for what we needed and scale it up.  Really Simple Systems would be able to grow with us”. He continues, “It was nice that we could start really small, which is one factor, and probably the most import factor, when we decided to choose Really Simple Systems CRM “.

Really Simple System dictates and drives my working day, it is that important to us

CRM Business Case Study: Ease of use

“The ability for our staff to have the most-up-to date information at their fingertips, is one of the biggest advantages of using Really Simple Systems”, says Chris.

Really Simple Systems allows Coursecheck’s staff to monitor their customer data, making their everyday work life easier. Chris says, “The CRM system is the key to our business. It provides insight on data we have which means we are much more effective.”

“I’ve got calls booked in the CRM, I can see my outstanding tasks, I can plan my work, I can see what the others are doing. I can look at the sales pipeline … so it’s pretty indispensable”.

Coursecheck has recently started using the Really Simple Systems marketing module. Chris continues “We’ve run a few campaigns that have generated several enquiries for our business”.

Chris also commented on how beneficial the two-way MailSync™ feature has been as his business has expanded, “This feature has been useful, the ability to see our customers email communication gives us a full picture of the account”.

Our business would grind to a halt without Really Simple Systems!

Excellent Support

Chris shares, “The Really Simple Systems customer support is excellent! There have been occasions when we’ve needed to talk to support and I must say that it’s been very personal and very prompt. It is a difficult balance to strike and I think you have that just about right”.

Final Verdict

Chris concludes, “For someone in a similar situation as myself, I would say it’s important to find out if the CRM systems is right for you? Is it right for your circumstances? Really Simple Systems certainly was right for us. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Really Simple Systems CRM to a small business like ourselves with aspirations to grow”.

Looking to the future, Chris sees Really Simple Systems playing an import role in their day to day business as the company continues to grow. With plans to utilize other CRM features such as Reports and Opportunities, Chris says “I’m confident that we’re not going to run out of steam or hit a brick wall when using Really Simple Systems”.

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