Low Energy Solutions

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CRM Success Testimony 

Low Energy Solutions

  • Low Energy Solutions is a specialist LED lightning company providing bespoke and tailored light solutions for businesses. General Manager, William Beasley, has been with the company for a year and in running a small business with 5 staff, he knows all too well how important it is to keep a close eye on the business expenditure.

  • CRM success testimony

At the beginning of August 2016, despite having been a customer of Really Simple Systems for 10 months, William took the decision to cancel Low Energy Solution’s CRM subscription in an effort to reduce their business costs. Less than a month after cancelling, and having trialled a multitude of cheaper CRM systems, William decided to return to Really Simple Systems CRM.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Really Simple Systems CRM to anyone

What made you decide to come back to Really Simple Systems?

William explains “We didn’t realise how critical our database was to the business until we left Really Simple Systems. Having spent a month looking and trying different CRM systems we realised that we couldn’t meet our business requirements with any other system.” He goes on to explain “We fit offices with LED lightning and perform lightning audits for businesses on how we can save our customers money and be more environmentally friendly.”

“Summer is a slow period for us and we didn’t feel we could justify the cost of a CRM system with so few new leads coming in. We decided to downgrade our CRM system and see if we could find something that would meet our needs on a smaller budget. After much searching we realised we wouldn’t find anything that would fulfil our requirements as well as Really Simple Systems CRM had, so we decided to come back”

The CRM is 10/10 as far as I am concerned

What features of the CRM do you use?

“For us the most important part of the CRM system is the ability to manage our client database. The company accounts page in the system gives you a great overview of everything that is happening with each client in one easy to view page. Being able to keep everything in one place is a great help.” William goes on to say “I can login to the system and see which emails have been sent to a customer, who needs to be contacted, when was our latest interaction and what was discussed. We use a Google Chrome extension for our VoIP system to be able to dial out from the CRM which is a really useful tool. Being able to perform ad-hoc reports to see what tasks and activities have been completed by my remote staff is a great way to keep track of what is happening in the business.”

How does a CRM system impact a small business? 

William explains “As a small business we don’t have the time to learn and implement a new system. If software is too complicated it means that we are not going to use it. As a start-up you are so busy that you need software which is going to be user friendly and work for us – Really Simple Systems CRM ticks all the boxes. The CRM is 10/10 as far as I am concerned.”

What would you say to anyone looking at Really Simple Systems CRM? 

It’s an easy to use system and it works brilliantly for our business. We have had great help from the Customer Support team in setting up the system. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Really Simple Systems CRM to anyone – apart from perhaps my competitors!

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